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Total clarifier capacity is 209,400 gallons of juice. In 1956 installed 24' four-tray Graver clarifier to replace open clarification system. In 1965 installed new 20' A3T Dorr clarifier. In 1980 installed a used 20' A3T Dorr clarifier. In 1998 installed a new 26' Rapidorr 444 clarifier.


FiltersFor handling mud we have one 12’ x 24, Ametek vacuum filter, one 10' x 18' Eimco-screen vacuum filter, and two 10' x 14' Eimco-screen vacuum filters. The three Eimco filters were converted from belt to screen filters in 1980, 1981 and 1992. Bagacillo for filters is obtained from a stationary screen, 48 ft. sq. mounted on the bagasse carrier, 16 holes 5/30" diameter per sq. inch. All filters are fed from one mud head tank and the three filters have level controls. The filters have three 5" x 1 1/4" steam jets for vacuum.

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