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Total installed crystallizer capacity is 16,400 cu. ft.

CrystallizersHave 12 cylindrical 8' diameter x 18' length crystallizers having 900 cu. ft. capacity each. Installed four new crystallizers in 1997 having 1,400 cu. ft. each. Two-thirds of the massecuite will flow through the twelve old crystallizers and one-third of the massecuite will flow through the four new crystallizers. Crystallizers are arranged so that low-grade massecuites discharged from the pans feed into the crystallizers by gravity. Have a 2,000 cu. ft. C pan receiver. Massecuites are transferred with four 8" by 10" Nadler magma pumps driven by 25 hp. electric motors to a Honiron-Bosch massecuite reheater installed in 2003. The reheater is 8 ft 8in nominal diameter and 20 ft 6 in overall height and is designed to flow 1000 cu. ft./hr of “C” massecuite and reheat it from 105 F to 135 F. The massecuite flows by gravity to a Steven coil receiver to the continuous centrifugals.


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