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Vacuum PansTotal vacuum pan capacity is 14,000 cu. ft. The factory has one 10'-diameter calandria vacuum pan of steel construction, equipped with 400 copper tubes 4" outer diameter x 42" in calandria, and 800 cu. ft. capacity; also, one 9' calandria pan of cast iron equipped with copper tube sheets and 320 copper tubes 4" o.d. x 42" and 500 cu. ft. capacity. A St. Mary Iron Works pan, 1,500 cu. ft. capacity, was installed for the 1968 crop, with a circulator added on this pan in 1988. All pans can operate on vapors or exhaust.

A new Honolulu Iron Works 1,400 cu ft. pan was installed for the 1964 crop, and a used 1,000 cu. ft. Nadler vacuum pan was added in 1979.

Installed a 1,200 cu. ft. pan with circulator in 1983, as well as a used 1,000 cu. ft. Nadler vacuum pan in 1987. Installed a new 2,000 cu. ft. J & L vacuum pan with circulator in 1990 to handle "C" massecuite. Also installed a 1,600 cu. ft. vacuum pan with circulator in 1997.

A 3,000 cu. ft. D. B. Doran vacuum pan with circulator was installed in 2001 to handle "A" massecuite.

Each pan is equipped with individual counter-current condensers. For vacuum, the 10 pans are served by individual two-stage steam ejectors. Eight of the large pans have Foxboro conductivity meters that are used to control the feed to the pans. All pans are connected to one 1-1/4" "hogging" single-stage jet.

For injection water, there are two 6,000-gpm pumps driven by a 200-hp. electric motor and one 215-hp. steam turbine. Water is supplied from one 10"-diameter well that can produce about 1,300 gpm, and a 12"-diameter well that can produce about 4,000 gpm. A 3,000-gpm well was added in 1971, and another 3,500-gpm high head well was added in 1979. Another 2,000-gpm high-head well was added in 1984. Two additional 3,500-gpm high-head wells were added in 1992 and 1997, respectively. Most recently, a 3,500-gpm high head well was added in 2002. All wells are driven by electric motors.

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