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Cora Texas has one 120,000-lb. Fairbanks truck scale, 10'x70', and two 200,000-lb. Fairbanks truck scales, 12'x70', to weigh cane, sugar and molasses. The second Fairbanks scale was installed in 2002.

Cane HandlingA core sampler Model 701, prebreaker Model 702 and a hydraulic press Model 703 - all by Cameco - were installed in 1986 to sample cane. Cora Texas also built a new core and factory lab that same year.

There are two Komatsu 450 front-end loaders with buckets, and three Komatsu 500 front-end loaders with buckets, for unloading, storing and feeding billet cane. Two 20-ton Cameco dumping stations on rails are used to unload cane in the yard for storage. Four other 20-ton Cameco dumping stations, on rails, unload carts and trailers directly onto any of four Cameco 45° cane tables. These tables are driven by variable speed hydraulic drives powered by 100 hp. electric motors.

Four Cameco 45° feed tables drop the cane into a 6' x 120' main cane carrier, which is equipped with Union roller chain and steel slats and driven by an Edwards Autocane. (The factory was receiving 100% billet cane as of 2000.) Eight load cells and controls supplied by Betz Engineering were installed on the main cane carrier in 1998 to automate the four feed tables and ensure an even feed of cane into the mill tandem.

The four Cameco tables are 24' wide and 40' long. One of the 45° tables was installed for the 1977 crop; another in 1978; the third in 1985; and the fourth for the 1994 crop. Two 12,500-gpm pumps and two 10,000-gpm pumps with 60' head can place 45,000 gpm of water on the four feed tables. (A reduced amount of water is used in washing billet cane.) Condenser water is used for cane wash water, with overflow going to a 400-acre holding bond (built in 1981). About 85% of the water is recirculated.

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