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Steam PlantThe steam plant consists of five Bigelow and one Factory Sales & Engineering water tube boilers. One Bigelow F-44, three Bigelow F-40, one Bigelow F-38, and Factory Sales & Engineering boilers generate a total of 700,000 lb./hr. of steam. The third boiler was installed in 1978 and the fourth boiler was added in 1983. The fifth boiler was installed in 1993 and is a bagasse-fired 300 psig boiler with an inclined water-cooled pinhole grate. The sixth boiler was added in 2002 bagasse-fired 300 psig boiler. It has inclined water-cooled inclined grates and water walls. Boiler No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3 were converted to inclined pinhole grates similar to the No. 5 & 6 boiler in 1997, 1998, and 2003. The fourth boiler has four Alpha dumping hearths under them. All six boilers are equipped with tubular three-pass air preheaters. The boilers are operated at 215 psig steam pressure and burn 100% bagasse. All six boilers are equipped with ash collectors and wet scrubbers.

A new boiler control room was added in 1981, complete with closed circuit television cameras to monitor boiler operations. All boilers are equipped with three-element control and Yarway liquid level indicators. A 500,000 lb./hr. Crane-Cochrane deaerator was added in 1981 along with one 1,200 gpm and one 1,000 gpm Worthington BFW pumps driven by a 250 hp. Terry turbine and one 200 hp. electric motor. Installed a 1,500 gpm BFW pump driven by a 400 hp. Terry steam turbine in 1995.

The first, second and third boilers have 400, 400, and 375 hp. Terry turbine for their ID fan drive, the fifth boiler has a 650 hp. Terry turbine, and the sixth boiler has a 600 hp. turbine and an identical fan to boiler 5. In 1979, installed a variable speed bagasse reclaim system and bagasse storage room that can keep the mill off natural gas for about 12 hours. This reclaim system has been rebuilt in 1994. Retubed No.1 boiler in 1986 and most of No.2, No.3, and No.4 boilers in 1992. Oldest tubes in any boiler is 1986. Installed bagasse drum feeders on boilers #3,5, and 6 in 2003 with variable speed drives.

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