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Sugar Storage

SugarCora Texas has a total storage capacity of 145 million pounds of raw sugar in two large warehouses. The old warehouse is one long building built in four sections, having three different widths. This warehouse averages 80' wide x 630' long and is a Ludwig building. The new warehouse, a Ludwig building constructed in 1997, is 100' wide x 660' long. The older warehouse has a storage capacity of 60 million pounds of sugar, and the newer warehouse can store 85 million pounds.

The raw sugar is handled by a front-end loader and two variable-speed belt slingers built by R. J. Tricon.

Molasses Storage Tanks

Molasses Storage Total molasses storage capacity is 4.5 million gallons. One 2.0 million-gal. tank was installed in 1998 and another 2.0 million-gal. tank in 2001. Three electric motor-driven molasses pumps transfer molasses from storage tanks to a truck loading tank.


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